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What happened to the flag of Gaza flying in Tower Hamlets - a look back to 2014

On the 31st of July 2014, YadbYadUK were extremely concerned with the current trend of local borough councils across London and the UK raising the flag of Gaza on their council buildings.

London and the UK is a diverse and religiously mixed country. The jewish community have always been security aware and have had continual threats throughout the decades.

However, by flying the flag of Gaza on council buildings, we believe is pure incitement against those who believe that Hamas is a terrroist organisation out to murder and anahilate the Jewish people.

We have had numerous reports from people that they feel worried, or scared to even leave their homes, or walk past these councils as Jews or Israelis,for fear of intimidation or violence.

With regards to Tower Hamlets Council, residents have had to deal with frightening incidences, such as posters being put up threatening homosexuals, far extremist muslim patrols, and voting scandals.

Borough councils have a duty. To organise rubbish collections and recycling depots, keeping the streets clean and safe, which is why UK residents pay a council tax charge.

The majority of residents do not pay for any other service.

We believe that by flying the Gaza flag will lead to more incitement, and more antisemitism, which is at an all time high.

We are going through a very dark time as the Jewish community, and these decisions are only increasing these problems.

We want to aim for a peaceful co-existense, and these actions are causing anxiety within our community.

We were mentioned in the press to be behind the strong campaign behind this .

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