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George Galloway tries to sue twitter users but will have a tough job


Since 2008 we have been monitoring twitter, and for the early part of the social media programme it was a rather nice place to be...unless you were pro - Israel and Jewish.

After 2009, harassment started to occur of many pro Israel advocates, and these were all linked to extreme left wing users and organisations counteracting "islamophobia".

One of the main pursuers of litigation, George Galloway, has many followers, and many we believe had dubious connections to law firms.

We now find out that he has threatened to sue, many twitter followers for simply calling him antisemitic, and retweeting this.

However Mark Lewis, Laywer who was a fundemental part of the "hacking campaign" has stepped in to help these people

If you have been affected by Galloways threats to sue, please contact us immediately so we can help

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