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A personal heartbreaking post by my first cousin on her experience as rockets bombard Israel

“Hi Ambrosine, here I am. went to bed at midnight as usual

Read some of a book for

One of my book clubs tried to sleep but the booms and bangs coming from the. Border were very loud.(we are 5k From Gaza) There were 3 extremely loud ones and the last one was not only louder but .much closer. Woke up sleeping husband henry and went to sleep in our "safe room" where I use the word sleep loosely! Got up at 4:45 showered and dressed did make up and hair, made some coffee and opened face book. A couple of rockets fell somewhere. Close-by. Went back to safe room for a while where I finished my coffee. Just want to thank you for your support of Israel and seeing it like it really is! 💕🇮🇱 “ Antoinette Hasleton

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