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Al Jazeera Labour Files tour CANCELLED

After my horror of getting an invitation from Greg Hadfield to the above event, I realised that they are making a profit on top of the lives of Jews that fought against Labour Party Antisemitism.

After watching the sham campaign by Al Jazeera reporters and those who supported Jeremy Corbyn, I wondered if they had told the great venue in Brighton of this event, that the film used and abused various people that had stood up against a Labour Government with Corbyn as its leader, and the Jews that held events discussing his allies.

Nope, the venue wasn't told this film was a political smear of Jews and those that fought Jew hatred in Labour . In fact, they hired the venue by saying it was a "corporate" event.

A steaming success. This de-platform is just 1-0 for us but also we will continue to make sure that this hideous Al Jazeera documentary will not go on tour across the U.K. without us standing against it .

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