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Irish threat from extreme far right

Over many years, we have experienced extreme antisemitism from some people in the Irish community online and events. We find there is always a block in reporting to the Irish police however, politics aside what is going on here no protests from far right about Palestinians.

A few days ago, an incident occurred. both major opposition Sinn Fein and Unionists came out to condemn. The most important subject right now that the peace process is intact people are trying to destroy that.This is worrying . Peace must ensue.

Back in the 50s and 60s on the doors of hotels and bed and breakfasts or B&Bs. As it was known there were signs placed That said no #Jews no blacks, no #Irish.

Extreme far right groups, such as patriotic alternative, and other organisations which have riled up hatred, managing to get girls from schools to protest, and to hold at banners this nationalism into Ireland and Irish politics.

It is a well-known fact that the collaboration between Sinn Fein and Hamas Celtic supporters of football are predominantly anti-Israel. Again politics aside a worrying aspect of what is happening across the UK and in Ireland because it’s not about the girls it’s an inroad for extreme Far right violence .

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