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Journalists need educating on the Extreme Far-right

Here are two photos.

One is a white Jewish Zionist PM Netanyahu, the other is the Arab League MK Tibi.

Journalists call Netanyahu extreme Far- right but not the other. Why?

Very simply one is white and one is not. The New York Times disgraceful article on PM Netanyahu isn't the first time labels of extremists are interchangeable.

Here is the Arab league member Tibi.

Ahmed Tibi the former adviser of Rabbi assassins Yasser Arafat.

In his speech of the martyrs he said: " there is nothing more superior to the Martyr".

Reminding the names of the shahidi while saying that he "bows their head for them and raise them on a miracle,

not the right of the nation to rise and rise in the occupation, it is his duty. We are the owners of this country (Israel). A Martyr is the trailblazer, sketching in his blood the way to freedom and liberation. Greetings to the jihadists inside the green line.."

Below is the New York Times article

So, why are we only using the terminology "Far-right, Nazi, and Extreme Far-right supremacy" for those who are white skin but not when extremists are of another skin shade?

So Tibi calls for Martyrs to murder Israelis and that isn't called Far-right, that isn't a Nazi?"

So what would Journalists call it when it comes out of the mouth for example BNP ex leader Nick Griffin, who doesn't like Jews very much.

Mahmoud Abbas

Do journalists think that Jews who live in their Homeland of Israel are the occupiers when it’s the total opposite?

Palestinian terrorists that murder Jews in Israel with non white skin are the Nazis and the Jews are the victims of their Antisemitism .

Journalists. Religious Zionism is not Nazism It’s the longing of security for ALL Jews & others to live in their secure Land of Israel, unlike Mahmoud Abbas who has a Phd in Holocaust denial.

Tibi is the face of Nazism who is another “non white” extreme Far-right supremacist.

So why do you call this man 👇 Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas a a freedom fighter? Why is he NOT called extreme Far-right a non white Nazi?His and the Hamas ideology is based on Hitlers "Mein Kampf".

Journalists. Ladtly you need to get your descriptions correct. White, black and others who are not fair skinned and want to murder Jews are Nazis and extreme Far-right. You love to bandwagon labels 🏷️ but your labels 🏷are wrong.

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