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Kayne West, Fuentes and Milo walk out of interview

So #KanyeWest had a chance of sitting down with a particularly good and very well liked balanced video Podcaster on YouTube last night, live with his new political campaign manager, Milo and guest far-right

Nick Fuentes as Tim wanted to talk about his dinner meeting with Donald Trump.

Only a few seconds into the interview or the debate, should we call it, Kanye West decides to talk about Jews and Antisemitism, and actually said he had "read the definition of #Antisemitism"?

You’ve got to be joking?

Nope that's what he said.

Here is the IHRA definition of Antisemitism

View the YouTube TimCast interview here which is cringeworthy.

First ten minutes of Kayne West.

This interview actually dug Kayne West,

not just into a deeper hole on how to lose a Presidential candidacy for election,

but the Antisemitic tropes, the paranoia, the Zionist tropes and the matrix referrals was absolute madness.

Tim actually kept his cool and gave Kayne plenty of leg room to discuss his thoughts, but Milo had no control over his client. Yet Kayne decided to walk out of the interview after 10 mins along with his cohorts.

This then left Tim another hour and 15 mins to explain what went on in the interview.

Watch it yourself. It was pure popcorn entertainment and I would be laughing if his Antisemitic conspiracies were not so serious.

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