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Nazi Holocaust denier chased out of a Scottish School

A Nazi sympathiser Darren Hurrell was chased by a mob of angry school pupils after he tried to recruit them outside Larkhall Academy last week.

Footage shows the extremist talking to youths about Hitler outside the Lanarkshire secondary school on Thursday October 27.

Wearing a T-shirt with a sonnenrad symbol - a type of sun wheel symbol originally employed in Nazi Germany and later by neo-Nazis, he declares his support for Hitler to the group of 50 youths in uniform.

In the disturbing clip, he clutches leaflets and tells the pupils: "Hitler wanted a country for white people...He wanted a country for every other peoples to have a unique culture.

"There was a small group of people who controlled the media and banks in Germany and they promoted cultural marxism and it destroyed Germany. Hitler took control of the media and the banks and put the interests of the German people first."

He is circled by the school children who go on to question his views. When asked by a youth if the Holocaust was real, the extremist replies "no, it's not."

The pupils continue to sever his attempts at sharing his views by interrupting him as his campaign quickly backfires.

In another video he is confronted by a male pupil who took offence to his statements. The Nazi sympathiser can be heard saying "I'm, here to help you guys" before storming off.

As he attempts to walk away, he is chased by the mob of schoolchildren who go on to launch plastic water bottles at him.

We reported him to Police Scotland quite some time he faces trial in the next few weeks in relation to one of those investigations.

He had been in PA, now in a new group that mixes with new extreme far right INN.

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