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Organisations in the U.K. that must be proscribed

There have been many extreme far right which were banned from any political activities in the UK. These include the British National party, National Front and most recently National Action.

However important that was, we have many community so called anti-racism organisations that have permeated and used revisionism about Israel and the Jewish community .

This has come through different systems .

The boycott movement of Israel (BDS), events across the U.K, demonstrations against Israel, targeted attacks against businesses, shops and commerce.

Not only are these so called anti-Israel organisations present and giving out leaflets against Israel but they “cry wolf” saying they’re against and confronting Antisemitism which is a lie.

Introducing individuals who have been on our radar for years splurging out Antisemitic tropes .

Again, the FOA decided to retweet a post of “True Torah Jews” whose banner is to their liking. It says simply “Zionism is not Judaism”.

Their tweet? A photo of their protest that took place in NYC, with virulent antisemites and placards against Israel. This sect, although small in size, are well funded by Iran that place them all over the world that have anti-Israel demonstrations.

Known specifically as the “Neturei Karta” they break the Laws of our faith.

1.Shabbat for example. Always seen at demonstrations on the sabbath, they believe that this can be tossed away and re-write the rules of our religion.

Supposedly religious Haredi or Orthadox, they blatantly believe other Jews are not Jewish enough.

2.They refuse to acknowledge Jews whom are tied to Israel by their origins from Judea,for over 5000 years, they rile up hatred and animosity towards the majority of pro-Israel Jews, sending a message to those already who are Antisemitic.

3.They spread misinformation on Jewish history, using revisionism which isn't about Israel, as the spiritual, religious and birthplace of Judaism.

This is the greatest find that haters of Israel have to promote that the Jewish Homeland and the extremist organisations can cling onto . However hard they try, revisionism of Jewish history cannot ever be rewritten.

That is why we ask, and implore, our British Government, with a new Prime Minister in September, to proscribe the organisations that incite hatred at these demos, their sponsors and funders.

If this isn’t put into action, more Antisemitic attacks will take place, and more Jews will be the target of the vile lies.

Anti-Zionism is Anti-Judaism is Antisemitism.

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