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Pegida U.K. organiser sells book on Amazon

A book has been re-released by Marion Rogers and John Rogers named “A fighter all the way”. The book is being sold on Amazon & Abe books.

Marion of #PEGIDA U.K. has been exposed as Extreme far right. Here she made a voice note in a group of what we believe to be Adolf Hitler.

Marion wants to donate some money from the sales to Help for Heroes a worthy charity however having links from Pegida U.K. would not be popular.

A few years ago, Marion Rogers of Pegida U.K. posted in a room disgusting voice notes supporting Nazis. Having this co-authored book saying she wants to donate to an established organisation is not what they would want I am sure.

Below is the voice note played by Marion Rogers.

Veterans alike are worthy of donations . Pegida U.K. has been written about numerous times as has Marion Rogers. A penned book by a member of Pegida U.K. being sold on Amazon and also being sold on Abe Books is indeed worrying but not the first time extremist literature has been spotted on this platform.

Many articles have been written on Marion Rogers, including this Vice Article below.

Part of the Vice article interviewed Marion, who described Pegida as an awareness campaign .

We hope that the book will be removed by Amazon and other outlets as a warning that Extreme far right authors will not be tolerated.


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