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Supporters of the eradication of the State of Israel- Downing Street

Another rally against Israel today of the supposed murders of Palestinian children by the Israeli army.

It was a small turnout compared to other demonstrations at 6 pm this evening in London outside Downing Street.

No mention of course of the Palestinian jihad that was behind the tragic murders of their own children by misfiring of rockets intended on killing Jewish children instead .. sadly murdering their own.

The same people behind the organisation of this protest FOA(Friends of Al Aqsa), Palestinian solidarity campaign (PSC) Stop the war, Palestine mission supported.

So what was different about today’s demonstration? Absolutely nothing. The only evidence of fatalities they had was from Hamas headquarters, no mention on the terrorists that fired over 1000 rockets on Israel, putting children and lives in danger settling in shelters in order to get away from the bombings.

No mention of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad connected to Iran funding another bombardment of rockets on Israel, and more importantly, mention of peace.

That’s because the aim of these organisations is the total annihilation of the Jewish state, and the total wipeout of Jews settling in their homeland.

Whose side would you be on?


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