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The Labour Party is still not a home for Jews

Jewish British pro-Israel activists have for a long time been aligned incorrectly with smears and defamatory slogans as being "far right" "white supremacists" and "EDL/Tommy Robinson supporters".

These narratives have been ingrained and written on hideous blogs across the internet and been spread by recognised Anti

Islamophobia organisations, and Jewish Labour supporters to cast a shadow on anyone pro-Israel and right leaning.

Pro Corbyn and Labour supporters on both sides of the political left are there to undermine anyone who is a conservative, a Zionist and those who daily advocate for Israel.

However, none of these smears are true, and have been refuted consistently by those targeted. A few years ago, I was at Waltham Forest council to speak on a motion, that the Borough council should adopt the IHRA definition of Antisemitism.

During my speech, I was continually heckled by members of "Jewish voice of Labour" or JVL and Anti-Israel hecklers in the gallery, of being a "Tommy Robinson" aide, a "Britain First" supporter and a racist. Yet I have never been to an EDL rally, a demo or a member of either "Britain First" or the "EDL". In fact, I have never supported or shown my support for these people and more importantly, I am not a racist, but why do I need to even stand against these untruths?

At the Waltham Forest council meeting, the Mayoress, was so incensed, she stopped the meeting and told security to usher the agitators out of the back door of the building.

The same happened this year at my trial against notorious Holocaust Denier and Antisemite, Alison Chabloz. All through the court case the name of Tommy Robinson was brought up numerous times, and at the behest of the judge, she angrily told the court not to mention this name again, knowing that they were just lies being spread in order to smear my name.

It may be easy to attack Jewish Zionists with made up lies in order to dirty someone's name.

Please don't think it is just Corbyn flag wavers that do this. Labour left have done all they can to sneak these unsubstantiated lies into their narrative.

Easy to dismantle, harder to prove.


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