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We cannot overlook Israels success fighting Antisemitism under Netanyahu

In 2016 a report was released, the first of its kind demonstrating that Anti-Zionist activities including the boycott divestments sanction movement (BDS) and Anti-Israel student groups faculty, who alongside an academic board is at the heart of the rise of campus Antisemitism.(AMCHA).

Understanding the report fully and how the scope of Antisemitism on US campuses, this report initiated and investigated over a year, assessed levels of campus Antisemitism by measuring the students attitudes and reports and Antisemitic activity, by focusing on incidences compiled from eyewitness reports and media accounts.

Different types of activity were equated to the rise of Antisemitism, this included Anti-Semitic expression, tropes included imagery and incidents, the targeting of students behaviour including physical harm and physical assault, harassment, destruction of property and the boycott divestment sanction activity which endorsed the Anti-Israel boycott-rhetoric and imagery intended to demonise and delegitimise Israel and the expression which is consistent with that of the United States government definition of Antisemitism at the time .

So let’s look at what the basic idea of Zionism is.

Zionism is simple. It is a movement for the return of the Jewish people to their Homeland and the resumption of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel.

Simple clarification of terminology for being pro Israel should be easy to understand, that in order for a homeland of Israel to exist, a successful environment for Jewish people to return to and to live in, we have to understand that the undermining of the present and a possible elected return Israeli Government of The Likud party with maybe Benjamin Netanyahu at its helm, signifies two things.

A strong and economically successful country for the people of Israel and a free democratic elected choice of Government.

However, an example of those that seem to be on the “fighting Antisemitism” bandwagon, particulary groups that are on the political left, constantly berate and criticised Netanyahu, even admitting they know nothing about Israeli internal social politics .

We know too well that there is no separation – anti Zionism is Antisemitism.

Every Israeli election since 1948 the topics have always been about security but the economy of Israel has become a major factor influencing recent elections . To date, Israel’s vaunted technology Index is one of the best performing areas in the world. In the “ Blue star Israeli technology” ETF, which is almost 20% in 2020, outpaced even the United States text docs. (CNBC).

Israels trade world has expanded well beyond Europe and North America under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu -this was said by Stephen Schoenfeld the Blue stars founder and chief investment officer . Israel has made inroads with Africa and India opening avenues for exports. Now with the UAE included.

A few years ago, Brazils President Jair Bolsonaro visit to Jerusalem set up a new trade office. Israeli energy executives have made progress on the pipeline that it hopeful transport natural gas in Israel is discovered feels in the Mediterranean to Europe by way of Cyprus and Greece.

The global reach for Israeli trade is critical because Israel has a new trade with its other neighbours in Syria and Lebanon to the north and only minimal trade with Jordan and Egypt despite them having peace agreements with the latter two countries.

Netanyahu, who was Prime Minister since 2009 the Israeli gross domestic product increased by 70% despite Israel having very little trade with her contiguous neighbours.

Another area that ballooned under the leadership of Netanyahu was the jobs market. The labour force has seen significant gains from the ultra orthodox sector of Israel’s population which now councils 53% of its men as employed. Arab Israelis have also seen significantly improved labour for participation rates, up to the 80% mark.

So fighting Antisemitism and understanding that Anti-Zionism and anti Netanyahu rhetoric had no place as Israel’s economy grew and was important to understand with that growth gave Israel security to Jews around Europe. Should it be impossible to live in countries where “imported Antisemitism” has spread, Israel would be economically attractive for those Jews feeling unsafe in other territories.

However,the political left continue to dig and pick at Netanyahu without understanding Israel’s strength economically for Jews around the world who benefit like they do from a safer and more powerful Israel whilst antisemitism is rising from all extremities, which can be in part blamed on their laid back attitude over the past twenty years in the face of terrorism and domestic Amtisemitism.

It’s time to stop the uneducated sniping of Netanyahu and understand how important his leadership was in the fight against Antisemitism.

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