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When being a strong pro Israel Zionist gets too much for others on social media

When we appeared on Twitter it was as a rebuttal to those who were harassing myself and the idea that being Jewish and pro-Israel was some sort of crime . The intensity of the harassment was disgraceful but what we would call today a new form of “stalking”. There were links .

They included individual British antisemites from the far left, organisations with a pretence of being anti-racism and tackling certain forms of bigotry and others who tagged the Jewish community including media, leadership, charities and ultimately those who turned their “anti-racism” into extreme far right nationalism.

Two of these people ended up in prison . Others began a torrent of abuse that included slapping law-fare or libel complaints towards a group of us in 2013.

The rest formed a tight network of hatred that went beyond just a few Jewish zionists.

They attacked and vilified non Jews who supported Israel .

This article below shows that what appears to be someone angry about being questioned about their Jewish identity, is in fact another complainant of people being pro-Israel and Jewish themselves.

Antisemitism crosses faiths and political boundaries . We stood up to the constant barrage of blurring the lines between calling others a racist Zionist cloaked in a hatred of Jewishness that adhere and understand their roots to Israel. We have firmly made Eye on Antisemitism position clear -Anti-Zionism is Antisemitism is Anti-Judaism .One cannot be a Jew by eliminating the connection to Israel .

Ambrosine Shitrit -Eye on antisemitism

Twitter @Antisemitismeye

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