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Why sponsor Billy Bragg?

Extreme opposites tend to look the same. For example, a far-right movement and a far-left movement can be equally violent or desire a similar outcome. People on both sides are more similar to each other than they are to people in the center. We can see that when we notice who is sponsoring Billy Bragg.

Fighting fascism Nazism and fighting racism, is so important for us. Where Antisemitism is concerned, but why is it that when you support Israel, you're dog-piled on by the far left or political left, for daring to even platform somebody on the moderate right, but it's okay for the hugely well funded left-wing organisations to platform a man who has openly been anti-Israel, played at events where leaflets have been given out with the Antisemitic tropes that Israel is an apartheid state and an occupying state?

Our recent tweet

Join the dots :- Billy Bragg supports #BDS PLAYS at anti #Israel events - Corbyn,BDS, AntiZionism.

Here are some press posts concerns about Billy Bragg, his views on Israel and Antisemitism.

How dare Billy Bragg tell Jews that they are ‘pouring petrol on the fire’

Jews now live in fear of the Antisemitism Bragg’s mate Jeremy Corbyn has fostered in a potential party of Government

Corbyn ally Billy Bragg claims Jews have 'work to do' to rebuild trust with Labour and claims newspapers taking united stand against anti-Semitism are 'pouring petrol on the fire' 

Billy Bragg blames Jews with Corbyn at his side

Billy Bragg excusing corbyn

So when we see Billy Bragg being advertised playing an event, it's not something that we are interested in, but when we see an organisation who openly states that they fight racism, fascism and Antisemitism included in that, then we have to question what is the real motive? Is it his music or is it more a political point?

One of their events said this

"Free Palestine! Break Britain's Links with Israel! | 14 May, 12 noon | HSBC, Clumber Street


Join our open-mic protest to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people and to commemorate Nakba Day - ‘The Catastrophe’ which began in 1948 when 700,000 Palestinians were forcibly expelled from their land by the newly founded Israeli state, all with the backing of British imperialism.

74 years later, and the British state continues to support Israel and is complicit in the atrocities being committed against Palestinians. We must speak out against Britain’s support for Zionism! Join us in protesting the businesses and banks on our high-street which prop up the racist state of Israel! Everyone is welcome, bring flags and placards!

My last point is this. The Jewish community support Hope not hate our Jewish leadership support Hope not hate in fact in 2015 when Nazis were coming to Golders Green, we actually openly campaigned that they fight racism which is all well and good, but there is also a connection to people on Twitter over the years, who were anti-Israel.

I would like to state that fighting fascism is one of the most important aspects of anti-racism . However, as above the horseshoe theory, those speaking at a Communist Party event is not something that is in support of fighting Antisemitism or in support of Israel"

Sue Michie (Communist Party of Britain) was married to Andrew Murray (Corbyn's election chief) and is mother of Laura Murray who worked for Corbyn.

All BDS movement.

The history of the revolutionary Communist party for example, is something that we grew up with knowing their hatred of Israel. The birthplace of Judaism can never be separated .

As we also say, Anti-Zionism is Antisemitism is Anti-Judaism.


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