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Collaborating with YadbYadUK - Examples of past success

On July 26th 2014 , we posted a press release.

Although YadbYadUK are a monitoring service for antisemitism online we were

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again concerned about the consistent presence of Jew hatred during London and European demonstrations wih regards to Gaza.

There can be no excuses for holocaust denial, open threats towards Jewish people, violence outside Synagoggues, and attacks against Jewish people at these events.

Antisemitism did not begin in 1948. Hatred against Jewish people has occured throughout the centuries. Therefore the excuses that a conflict against a terror organisation "Hamas" is the reason for this display of violence is unwarranted and has no substance.

The same applies on social media towards people continually abusing Jews and non Jews with antisemitic vitriol.

We are here to support victims of antisemitism, but we are also here to make sure that those who pupotrate this hate, are exposed and if necessary reported to the police.

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