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Don't make fun of the Holocaust

The Holocaust is arguably the most evil crime committed in human history that saw the murder of 6 million Jews and it still has its effects on Jewish society to this day. After this genocide the Jewish people and the world made a promise: Never Again. To ensure this promise is kept, it is vital that we educate humanity about the horrors of the Holocaust to prevent Holocaust memes which are antisemitic from becoming normalized. Sadly, it is becoming all too frequent that memes on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram seeking to poke fun at those who suffered during the Holocaust through memes is starting to become normalized which undermines the memory of those who suffered during the Shoah. I came face to face with this reality when I began finding an alarming amount of Holocaust memes. All of which had their roots in the lack of education.

Making jokes about the Holocaust is never appropriate, regardless of the context due to the fact it is incredibly disrespectful to the memory of the victims and trivializes the horrors. What's more is that these types of joke help to perpetuate negative stereotypes about Jews which leads to the spread of hateful attitudes towards Jews.

Humor is not an excuse for insensitivity or hate speech. While comedy can be a powerful tool to address difficult or taboo subjects, it should never be used to make light of tragedy or promote harmful attitudes. Jokes about the Holocaust are not funny, and they have no place in civil discourse. We should educate others about the history of the Holocaust and the dangers of hatred and bigotry in order to keep the promise of Never Again. Therefore, it is vital that if you spot antisemitic posts, that you report them immediately. Antisemitism is not a fairy tale but a reality.

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