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Am I really Antisemitic? -Simon Sideways

There was a very funny film in the 90s called “Dumb and Dumber” with Jim Carey .

You’ll understand why I mention this as you read further into the blog.

Simon Sideways or Simon Evans a “lorry driver” has been for years an internet political story teller.

He had many followers who enjoyed his banter, but surfacing underneath was his flip-flopping about Jews, conspiracy theories about Jews and consistently bringing this subtle references in a large majority of his live feeds.

Here is another focus on Simon by someone who agrees with his comments and there are many other videos that were taken down or put on private.

He recently made obscene comments that there should be "Nuremburg Trials" for British police that enforce COVID laws.

Had he really lost that much perspective that he was willing to make common cause with Nazis as well?

A few years ago he stepped back from his support of Tommy Robinson.

A letter was sent to the Brexit Alliance colleague on the London Assembly Mr Peter Whittle, as he was livestreaming with the leader of the 'English Democrats' Mr Robin Tilbrook, who months previously had been livestreaming with the extreme far-right, Patriotic Alternative head Mark Collett and accepting his political support from his “Hitlerian” sidekicks.

Here is our friend explaining Simons collaboration with other extreme far-right individuals.The discussion included disgusting references in regards to Holocaust denial.

He has been attached to many campaigns linked to the extreme far right, and other political groups.

What’s interesting about Simon watching his rants, is that he is what I call a self proclaimed “detractor”.

As with the video above on his angst of who is Antisemitic, he pulls himself into that very deep dark hole of explaining why free speech is not okay when you criticise Jews or Israel. I’ve never heard him talk about other faiths such as Jainism,

Taoism,Confucianism,Rastafari, Tenikyo.

So to explain, what a small part of Antisemitism is.

Here is the definition of Antisemitism

However, what Simon complains about is why he can’t criticise Israel and Jews without being called an Antisemite which is a contradiction.

In effect, someone who has to question themselves as to why their discussion or questions on Jews and Israel is called Antisemitism, have either no clue as to what Antisemitism is, or knowing full well that their references to Jews and Israel flows into a conspirator debate about Jews.

And not the first time Simon has swallowed himself in controversy over his views.

So why did I reference “Dumb and Dumber” movie at the beginning? The brilliant

quote from the movie that said

“Well, it’s not gonna do us any good sitting here whining about it. We’re in a hole. We’re just going to have to dig ourselves out.” – Lloyd Christmas.

And that is exactly what Simon does constantly in this clip. He’s in a hole and furiously trying to dig himself out by believing he’s not Antisemitic.

What do you think?


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