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A deeper look into why Anti-racist movements are often Antisemitic

Antisemitism is largely frowned upon by society, with Germany banning the term in 2018 and a significant number of Europeans feeling Antisemitic sentiments.

However, Antisemitism does still exist and it could be said that anti-racists hate Israel for all sorts of reasons. I will focus on the more socio-economic reasons that have been highlighted in European reports.

1) There is a sense of "us against them" mentality created by Israeli occupation and racism towards non-Jews such as Arabs, or individuals without citizenship like refugees.

2) Jews are seen as inherently wealthy given their association with money laundering and illicit trade. These ideas perpetuate stereotypes that would label Israelis as living decadently while they exploit Arabs with ease due to hidden economic power - this ideology taps into antisemitic rhetoric that criticises Jewish people for using dirty tricks to gain wealth at the expense of innocents in other countries.

3) Racists see Israel as a state made up and continues to spout these falsehoods.

"Making someone else’s racial horror about your own moral superiority is morally bankrupt, intellectually unoriginal and politically failed."

After all, the "racism" of so-called anti racists is really a form of white supremacist privilege.

Anti racist racists are people who are not defending themselves or their race with an affirmative action for example but still labeling themselves as an anti racist in order to feel less racist. Anti racist racists consider racism to be a bad thing even when they do it themselves.

Using the example of one Facebook rant, it can be shown that indeed, anti racists are racist too. To counter against a "Black people or Persons of color" facebook group, this person made an account called "Anti Racists are Racist." And then went in to remind everyone that affirmative action is wrong. The person said .."

Say Africans don't solve anything because they beg on their hands and knees - they want YOU to buy them stuff with your taxes."

The argumentative essay concludes that racism is a cyclical problem perpetuated in the name of its opposite.

An argumentative essay concludes that racism is a cyclical problem perpetuated in the name of its opposite.

The moment racism against other groups - blacks, Latinos, Asians, Native Americans

- does not exist, within 10 years there will be incidents of this kind as well

. "You can't have one without the other," and anybody has the right to point out danger when it appears from any group and if one group is hurt

Antisemitism is a term that refers to the prejudice against Jews as a race. It is not only the belief in the superiority of one race over another, but also a rejection of Jewishness as a legitimate ethnic and religious identity.

It is not surprising that anti-racist movements are often Anti-Israel because they believe that racism can be eradicated by eradicating Jewishness. They also believe that because whiteness or those that are white are predominantly racist, and therefore Jews or Israelis can't be victims of a racism.

Those within 'white identity' movements rely heavily on Antisemitic stereotypes and tropes as part of their narrative.

Anti-racist discourses pitted against white Brits against Afro Caribbean and heralded "the white race" as the embodiment of all that is politically, culturally just and decent in the U.K. . Racial science evolved out of this racist worldview. It does not concentrate on biologizing the biological specificity of African or Caribbean populations, but relies on myths.

Anti-racist Antisemitism is an ongoing phenomenon that is fuelled by historical misconceptions and current events. Jews have always been targets of racism. Jews are usually sidelined as people of colour for black empowerment, immigrants’ rights and feminism which are at the core of anti-racist stances. We can see that in the United Kingdom with "BAME", which has now been dropped by the British government, under the category of Bame, black Asian minority and ethnic people, Jewish people were not included, even though there are only 270,000 Jews in the U.K. Jews are a minority but not enough. Jews are seen as far too white to be part of an ethnic minority.

The political ideology in the U.K. has a significant impact on the mindset on those that say they're "anti-racist." The push for tolerance can too easily waver when it come to those supporting oppressed peoples. Blacks who stand up against African oppression may find themselves either excluded or fighting battles they should never have to fight in the first place -- all while being described as "divisive" amongs a supposedly white Britain.

Every time Israel defends its borders or retaliates against large-scale aggression, there are accusations that Israel is racist. These accusations usually do not include the various Israeli leaders of different ethnicities or religions who have come together to express their disproval at these accusations in Israeli media outlets. We can see this discrimination take place when Israel protects her citizens from barrage of rockets from "non-white" colonising terror groups such as Palestinian Hamas. Then we see the supposed anti racist racist racist organisations giving out leaflets at anti-Israel, demonstrations and protests in London across the UK. What are they doing there? Why did they say they fight antisemitism when Anti-Zionism is Antisemitism?

Recent research has shown that those who post racist Antisemitism, a crude type of prejudice, give negative reviews of Israel prove that motive. These negative views of Israel are often expressed on all social media platforms .

We also saw a great example of this during the time Jeremy Corbyn became leader of the Labour Party. Jeremy Corbyn, an outspoken critic of Israel and his platforming at supposed minority events, and his attendance at Anti-racist demonstrations showed that the negativity of Israel or anti-Zionism was linked to well known anti-racist organisations.

Also, lies of an Apartheid Israel are often expressed through social media, on banners and leaflets.

Side A- Anti-Israel sentiment is frequently coupled with Antisemitism.

Fear of global Jewish power has been used to rally people to take a stand against Israel.

Yellow vests who opposed President Macron, with rallying cried that he was viewed as behaving like the head of the French Jews

Side B- Zionism does not promote racism but racialism which is not the same thing. Israel was established for Jewish reasons and for protections of Jews being taken as racial hatred completely unfounded.

Many Anti-racists don't understand the link between racism and Antisemitism and how it applies to Israel. Israel is the best example to show that racism includes Antisemitism.

There are those who believe that Israel's existence threatens their people, like the Jews did in more affluent periods of history. They believe "the Jews" need to be expelled from Europe or destroyed for good, which was discussed with Hitler who actively built an extermination plan within World War II against Jews or what he called Palestinians.

Other anti-anti-Semitic supporters view these views as too radical and impractical but agree with similar notions such as radical refugees from Africa must have a place permanently removed from Europe is something they can support while supporting this same idea for Jews.

In the case of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, many anti racists believe that Palestinians do not need their help because they just need anti Israel rhetoric. The Palestinians would prefer to place all of their trust on Abu Mazen to placate Israel and negotiate with the Israelis.

Antisemitism reached a feverish pitch especially in recent years, but none of this concerns the boycotters. In fact, teaching them about Jewish exclusion and Black exclusion in the U.K. has not changed anything for society as a whole so what is stopping these Anti-racists from putting British Jews and Israelis on an equal playing field with other ethnic minorities?

Answer. Pure hatred of Jews. Antisemitism and the hope of Jews leaving the Middle East to be again, eradicated from their Homeland.


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