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Al Jazeera “The Labour Files” and connections (Part 2)

Back in 2019, Dick Coughlan who described himself as YouTube Content Creator, Writer, Comedian, Satirist, Political Podcaster, and all Round Bum we reported to the police for Holocaust songs and #antisemitism for this video.

He was hired with Labour #Corbyn supporter Mike Stutchbery. They were hired by Farooq Bajwa & Co lawyers (now defunct) who tried to sue pro Israel supporters in 2013.

Tweet: Mohammed Akunjee delivering a legal letter with this Antisemite to street activist as below 👇 tweet below.

Dr Louise Raw, who tweeted yesterday, said they’re indebted to all who contributed to the @AJEnglish Al Jazeera "The Labour files" and worked hard on it, including @mohammedAkunjee,@jackie80333500,@Naomi4LabNEC and Sally Eason.

Conclusion :- calling #Jews far right, extremist supporters of #EDL and #BritainFirst is a bit rich considering the company they keep and the #Antisemitic they write and sing?

A few of Dick Coughlans vile tweets.

What is interesting to us, is that we see those who apparently helped Al Jazeera connect falsely, extreme far right organisations to Jews, but their own sources of information are lathered with hideous Antisemites and racists.

For those who missed the hash job on Jewish activists to scupper as an excuse why Jeremy Corbyn lost the last General election, you can watch it here on YouTube.

(Part 2)

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