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David (Lizard) Icke banned from 26 countries

David Icke is trending on Twitter tonight 4/11/2022.

Most people outside of the United Kingdom, never heard of David Icke before his huge stadium conspiracy shows.

However, we in the United Kingdom, remember the time he went on the Terry Wogan show on BBC one at the time and called himself "Jesus".

David Icke has been banned from 26 countries. He is a vehement Antisemite.

He talks about Jewish cultists or "Sabbatian Frankists" who are responsible for the Covid-19 pandemic - this was viewed over 30 million times on social media.

Millions have also watched Mr Icke explain how Bill Gates and "the Rothschilds" form part of that cult, and how 5G networks and vaccines have made people more vulnerable to the disease.

Leaving COVID-19 vaccines alone for a moment, his vehemnt Antisemitism his Antisemitic tropes that have been viewed by audiences across the globe, have emboldened the extreme far rights blame of Jews for all the worlds problems, and the extreme far left in the pleasure of blaming the Jewish people for the control of the media, for the control of the Covid vaccine, and for any other problem in the with the financial markets.

We are talking about a man who said that the moon is fake. Author David Icke thinks the moon is a hollow space station and the Queen is a giant reptile. And he's not afraid to say it.

Do I believe that David Icke being banned from numerous countries will stop his vile rhetoric? No. However, if you think as he does that Jews play a part in his "hateful and dangerous conspiracy theories ", and he should be removed from mainstream social media platforms", this only leads to more conspiracies that there are people out to stop him freely speaking, which of course delights the other "lizards" in his weaving in of "blaming the Jews" tactics.

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