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Not all cases of Antisemitism are the same according to the CPS

An open Letter was sent to the Attorney General Jeremy Wright a few years ago by Campaign4Truth regarding cases of Antisemitism that the CPS did not proceed with.

You can read the letter here :-

We are noticing that cases of Antisemitism concerning the extreme far-right tend to get into court quicker than others.

This also pertains to the "cavalcade" of cars that went through Jewish areas of London screaming profanities towards Jews with Palestinian flags in 2021. This case has now been dropped. The reasons are being investigated.

"The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said in a statement that, after a review of the evidence, there is "no longer a realistic prospect of either defendant being convicted"."

We have our own theories as to why this has happened yet again but it shouts out a clear message that "Jews" who are victims of Antisemitism do not always get Justice and after a decade of reporting various Antisemitic incidents, we realised this pattern many years ago.

Police take religious and racist hate crime seriously and are very quick to respond but as with many cases we have worked on that included political Antisemitic attacks that were not by certain offenders, the cases tend to fall by the wayside.

We will update on the response by the CPS.

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