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Obsession with Zionists, and Jews by Chris Williamson & guests

(Updated) 17/9/2022

The term that Chris Williamson uses "Zionist lobby" is used to describe organized lobbying attributed to Jews on domestic and foreign policy decisions, as political participants of representative government, conducted predominantly in the Jewish diaspora in a number of Western countries. When used to allege disproportionately favorable Jewish influence, it can be perceived as pejorative or as constituting antisemitism.

Obsessive compulsive Disorder with Antisemitic overtones .

Ex Labour MP now presents a program on British banned “ Press TV Voice and mouthpiece, or the Lord Haw haw of the Iranian Islamic Republic of Iran Government.

These clips are hard to watch, they are all based on falsehoods, blood libels and conspiracies, contextualise Jews as Zionist infiltration, thuggery, land stealers,colonising. and more heinous terminology interplaying in short that we the “Zionist Jews”, they spin and interlope both words simultaneously, are brainwashing children and committing acts of treason.

The interesting thing is that they don’t say that Jewish people began from Judaea Israel, our roots our birthplace and yet they scream from the river to the sea Palestine will be free and expect that a Palestinian people will be allowed to go back to a homeland that never existed for them?

Which means, not only are they accusing Jewish people of stealing Israel but they are not allowed to go back home, whereas a Palestinian people who were created in 1948 are allowed to settle in the Land of Israel ?

All are here to watch publicly and investigations are ongoing with police .



Interjects Jews zionists Zionist

Zionist thuggery

“We will be accused of antisemitism again”

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