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Pro-Israel MPs targeted

Very interesting for me.

In the past week I did a thread on how #Conservative #MPs are being lobbied out of #Government by pro #Palestinian organisations & #Antisemitic individuals based on lies that MPs have been #bullying colleagues . Latest is #DominicRaab list below .

Dominic Raab ,

Priti Patel, Liz Truss, Boris Johnson, David Cameron, Sajid Javid,Grant Shapps,Michael Gove, Esther McVey and the list goes on.

The outrageous lies of “bullying” apparently only by these Conservative MPs is only now being discussed on LBC radio . I have said all along that this is a campaign to kick these MPs out of office. No mention of the #Labour bullying .

Looking back at this article in 2015… and with CAGE CAMPAIGN against MPs from the conservatives visiting Israel it doesn’t take a genius to see what’s happening.

The plan is to rid the Conservative Gov of anyone slightly linked or openly states their support for the #Jewish State of #Israel. We are seeing #Antisemitism publicly displayed by ruthless incessant propaganda which the political left media are delighted with.


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