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Roger Waters banned from Germany-our pressure worked

Over the years, we have done plenty of campaigns on Twitter to ban Roger Waters from concerts here in the United Kingdom and also earlier across Europe. Thankfully Germany listened.

Before Covid, he sang in Hyde Park in London, we made a plea to the Hyde Park concerts which are sponsored by Barclaycard to ban him but unfortunately they didn't listen. Pink Floyd touring Britain and Europe with Britain, holding back on banning him from the concerts and from singing due to his horrific on antisemitism has fallen on deaf ears. In various cities across the United Kingdom, Germany has led the way.

If it was any other minority and the attacks and hate towards a community was taken seriously, as a Musician he would've been banned. So we are pleading with other European countries and Britain to take note. Even though we believe this is his last tour, he has offended the Jewish community, not because of his support for Palestinians, but for his antisemitism.

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