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So let’s talk about Twitter Antisemitism

When the Internet first started in the U.K. during the 90s, we subscribed to AOL dial-up service where you could find a few political groups, and every time we posted something that the moderators didn't like, the service was completely terminated having to wait weeks to be put back on.

Yahoo had political chat rooms and then another organisation called Paltalk which had video as well as speech platforms. And then Twitter, in 2007, we joined.

We had over 100,000 followers, but the Antisemitism, bullying, harassment of supporters of Israel and the "dog piling" was horrendous. Our account was removed time and time again because of a few individuals who thought it was funny to remove our account and tag members I'd the Jewish community. Our account was about countering Antisemitism, which leads me onto the takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk.

A lot of people had never heard of Musk, but the outrage and the uproar by the extreme left and liberal users is unbelievable. Today we have numerous outspoken Antisemites on Twitter, who have a blue tick by their name, given them credence giving them a status that they are a good account to follow. The amount of tweets that we had reported since 2007 to Twitter suspensions were never removed by liberal staff. And we know that these staff members were liberal or what we called left-leaning from the exposes that were done on Twitter staff over the past few years.

So, how is Antisemitism going to increase under an Elon Musk takeover?

Simply, it's not. Antisemitism was and always will be rife on social media platforms. It is not that it has gotten worse. It's that there are more platforms now including GETTR , Telegram and others where hate can be more widespread.

But it's easy to say that those that developed Twitter, everyone is allowed their say and did try to develop it into a free speech platform. We had terrible problems with "Jack" whom as I said ignored our good work and presented us with our whole account being removed many times.

The hatred of Jews is already horrendous, and no takeover of Twitter by anyone else is going to stop that.

Thus, it is not about an extreme left or an extreme right political mastermind who will perform better for us . This is antisemitism as a whole being the highest it's ever been in my lifetime or living memory. Or is it just because social media has highlighted and allowed Antisemitism to be put on a platform to be watched and to be categorised and pinned onto different individuals and organisations much easier than it was before we ever got the Internet.

Growing up when we were travelling, my mother used to say to me never tell people we were Jewish. This was a different generation telling my generation that if you were Jewish it could be dangerous for you. It is the same now but we have a generation where we have our Homeland, the State of Israel and we have a place of safety to run to.

We shouldn't have to run anywhere we should be able to be free to support our religion openly and to openly support Israel as our Homeland. Social media is just one side of the coin, we have a fight on our hands far greater than Twitter.


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