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When a Jazz club hosts an Al Jazeera Documentary-Labour Files

Greg Hadfield, who is organising a tour of Brighton so far of the trashy vile Al Jazeera docu-drama on the backs of pro-Jewish activists against Jeremy Corbyn, is making money on the backs of hounded Jews. After contacting Tristan, who runs "The Verdict" supposed Jazz Club in Kemptown Brighton, he managed to contact me back after leaving many calls and mistakenly decided to still host the political Al Jazeera hit piece targeting pro -Israel Jews with smears even mentioning he hosted some Israeli guitarist?

Interestingly the last Bar were amazingly

Apologetic and immediately Cancelled the event.

What we are seeing is an appeasement of Antisemitism by music clubs.

My question to Tristan is has he seen this hash job and is he comfortable to see Jews targeted with the hideous increase of Antisemitic attacks across the U.K.?

Putting the phone down on me, wasn't exactly professional and show a complete lack of understanding in what he's about to platform.


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