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When Clowns are used to delegitimise Israel

This is very relevant as to why I won a recent court case. I wil not mention names but it proves what we have been saying for decades.

When Twitter first started, a group of individuals and organisations harassed anybody who was pro Israel.

The same people today are being used by those organisations to smear and defame not only Zionists or pro Israel Jews but non-Jews also. As an organisation, we took a stand against one of these units and our names were sullied. I infiltrated many of their lackeys demonstrating against Israel, that proved the power of this NGO.

Those exposing terrorism and Antisemitism or grooming gangs for example are defamed. Nothing has changed and the same organisations are behind it all. Their connections are profound. The Nationalist controversy you see on Telegram today with all the Antisemites squabbling between themselves is no coincidence. This NGO has been publicly outed . They make you fear one particular man to divert attention of their real targets.

What I will say, is in the middle are two left wing communist orgs with members that align to the new revolutionary Communist party, Green alliances and NGOs with individuals who are trying to make the British public amenable to terror orgs like ISIS, Hamas,Hezbollah, Iran and a whole plethora of people.

Read about anti Western civilisation by Richard landes

"Can the whole world be wrong?".

This particular organisation has been dishing out money to unsuspecting individuals (names withheld) desperate for an income, not to eradicate racism, Nazis or Antisemitism, but to gain a foothold within the Jewish community and beyond which has already happened.

A 5th pillar infiltration of schooling, of legal systems and political organisations mainly positions of power.

This is no conspiracy theory.

The organisations are so well funded and equipped that they sit on legal boards picking and choosing what cases of hate crimes get put forward. They have infiltrated even our police, our legal system and have tentacles that blindside hate crimes and criminal activity.

They are using social media platforms journalists and news media to gaslight the truth. They use ex convicts, drug addicts, Holocaust deniers and homeless to do their dirty work.

However, one thing we can rely on is that a judicial system can see through their dirty work. What we have left are those not afraid to call them out .

The clowns will always be exposed

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