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When the Leicester riots are quickly aligned to “Zionists”

Twitter "spaces" are a new concept that allow users to open chat rooms to discuss any topic. Last night, a room was opened by the "Muslim association of Britain" discussing the Leicester riots that has seen Hindu temples attacked alongside Hindus being threatened.

One room that had around a hundred Twitter users, first opened was named

"What's happening in Leicester? The worrying rise of Hindutva...."

One supposed anti-racist speaker who classes herself as a Marxist on her profile was "Amrit Wilson".

Taking her ideas which clearly seems to be an anti-Israel anti PM of India Narendra Modi bias, this was posted on the discredited JVL (Jewish voice for Labour) website, under the title

"The unholy alliance: Hindutva and Zionism" (below)

First, Amrit said that the Hindu groups were being supported by "Tommy Robinson" and "Britain first" which no doubt is correct, but having no proof on her thoughts she started the links to Israel.

Speaking about the background of Muslims attacked in India, she quickly slipped into the conversation that .."Hindus are using the same bulldozers as Israel" to explain how they flatten Muslim homes in India.

This was a deliberate ploy to bring into the dialogue her angst against Israel to an event that we have seen publicly riled up by extremists to attack the Hindu community .

Many well known faces that came into Leicester to cause up more hatred as we know are and have been Antisemitic . The same convoys that are coached into London in the summer of last year to abuse Jews in NW London.

Below is a commentary about one of these extremists known as "Mohammed Hijab" a popular speaker at London's Speakers Corner in Hyde Park.

Amrit Wilson, continued her rant and under Twitter Terms of service became a free for all to attack "Zionists".

This first room was reported by us and quickly removed and shut down .

However around 10 minutes later, under the account of lawyer "Tasnime Akunjee @mohammedakunjee, another spaces room was opened to continue the debate .

Back in 2015, a newspaper article with this headline "The worrying extremist links to lawyer of jihadi schoolgirl's father: Solicitor says Muslims shouldn't co-operate with police and that Lee Rigby killer was 'created' by security services" was written about Tasnime.

And here are a few tweets that Tasnime has made on "Zionists"

Here was the second room that opened.

The first speaker again started ranting about "Zionists". The owner of the room obviously didn't remove the speaker. It was clear from the beginning that the diversion should include the hatred of Israel . What better way of parking the real causes of the riots to justify the attacks on a Hindu community, by blaming Israel, a long term friend and ally under PM Modi.

Akunjees Twitter feed is full of anti-Israel rhetoric and his thoughts on Israel are categorically clear. This debate was clearly a double down on Hindus and shining a false light on Israel whilst ignoring the true "elephant in the room".

And so the hatred against Israel became Antisemitic. Listen to this speaker talking about how the Hindus are using "Israeli tactics"? This was one of many comments that diverted the attention back to Israel.

We could go in-depth about Tasnime, however these are just a few pointers as to his thoughts on "Zionists" and under the IHRA definition of Antisemitism one can clearly see a structured bias that has now led to a clear pathway for people to openly link the Leicester riots and Israel .

Twitter spaces is a useful tool for debate, but seems to have been hijacked by those who wish to use it as a vessel for hate.


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