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“White straight”politically far-right paid adverts against LGBTQ-London


We have received your enquiry about the artwork on the Borough High Street site.


The artwork you’re referring to was displayed as part of an outdoor art exhibition ‘The Gallery’, which has now ended.


You can find out more about the project and all featured artworks here:

Contacting this particular organisation the flippancy was unbelievable. They’re not allowed to engage in conversation they’re not allowed to talk about it they’re not allowed to tell you actually who directed the person to put that advert up on the holdings.



As you may be aware there is a campaign by the extreme far-right against their belief of lgbtq “drag queens” etc . We wrote a blog last week explaining this. A lot of advertising hoardings are hijacked by anti-Israel organisations to place Antisemitic blood libels on transport also.

In Borough road which is in SW London, this backlit-ad was being displayed . We traced the billboard owners to “Clear advertising Ltd “ and managed to speak to a salesperson who said that the hoarding were not hijacked, they actually would have paid for that advert .

The photo doesn’t show the company and Clear advertising will not tell us who placed the advert, but will pass our complaint to the person who took the money for the advert. We also notified the police.

Jews are not considered white according to extremists on the political far right, and the far-left say Jews are only white and colonise Israel, their religious homeland. Both sides believe Jews support Gay rights and are easy targets. The billboard is offensive, and some people wouldn’t understand why.

We have managed to get this taken down and are now tracing the people who paid for the advert .

Hate comes in all forms and increasing especially in the U.K. This isn’t acceptable and if we can help other communities to feel safe walking around London, then we will do all we can to make sure no one feels endangered.

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