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Worrying-CAGE Campaign for anti Israel propaganda in schools

There has been a growing worry over the past five years that secular secondary schools in the UK are being targeted with anti-Israel propaganda from supposed charities and the Palestine mission, going in to schools sometimes unannounced to speak to teachers and pupils about Israel's supposed treatment of "Palestinians".

Today, a campaign has been started by CAGE a radical organisation whose main objective has been to in their words "CAGE is an independent advocacy organisation working to empower communities impacted by the War on Terror."

However, this organisation has been regularly in the media for adverse publicity.

Here is a report by the Henry Jackson society

In 2015.

Today, a mail out was sent of an event to empower parents, to advocate for Palestinians and to send a message to teachers and children, which is a clear message to us that the secular Government non religious school systems are being fed information which propagates mistruths about Israel.

Here in their words what was written.


Last year during the war in Gaza, we witnessed the censoring and punishing of students and sometimes teachers for speaking up for Palestine. This will likely resurface following a fresh onslaught on Gaza over the summer break.

CAGE is organising an in-person and public event to give parents, students and teachers all the tools they need to express their values and solidarity with Palestine in such a hostile environment.

🗓️ Saturday 24th September 2022

🕡 6:30PM UK TIME

📍 East London (the exact location will be communicated to you 24h beforehand)

If you are in London, join us on the 24th of September to hear from, lawyer Fahad Ansari, Student Palestine activist Dr Yahya Abu-Seido and CAGE’s outreach director Moazzam Begg.

Register (FREE) >>

Universities have been a hostile environment for Jewish students as we have all read for over a decade, and now Secondary or middle schools are the target for radical lies about Israel. Surely a dangerous precipice for young minds and towards Jewish children attending non religious schools in the United Kingdom, bringing with it hate, anymosity and possible Antisemitic attacks.

We call on the Government Home office to stop this rhetoric and to protect children from what will be pure hatred towards the Jewish Homeland of Israel.

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