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Al Jazeera documentary targets Jewish activists (Part 1)

We wrote on our last blog post about Twitter "Spaces" a chat room facility that you can use to debate various subjects. One of the chat rooms by then Muslim Association of Great Britain was closed immediately for hate and TOS, reported by us for racism against Hindus and Antisemitic anti-Zionist comments by users (video content can be viewed on previous blog

As that room was shut, another room was immediately opened by Tasnim Akunjee, a lawyer connected to the family of Shamima Begum, the young girl who went to fight for ISIS and whose main intention was to campaign to have her brought back to the U.K. for a court trial.

Watch an interview with the Lawyer Akunjee

"The Labour files" a supposed documentary to support Labour Party supporters of Jeremy Corbyn, accused of Antisemitism, was to regurgitate blog posts from Anti-Israel virulent extremists who were thrown out of the Labour Party. Some of the interviews were emotive but filled with unsubstantiated references.

Here is part 3 of "The Labour files"

Al Jazeera thought they had a winning expose on Jews who support Israel and had led a campaign against Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime Minister.

By using their supposed conspiratorial connections to Israel, to undermine individual members of the Labour Party and Corbyn as Antisemitic throughout the hash job, Jews were alluded to being "Islamophobes", "EDL" supporters, and accusing them of aligning their views to the extreme far-right using old photographs, and video clips strewn over anti-Israel blogs.

They even hauled out a small salon event which was live streamed over Facebook, filmed by us discussing why Labour should not have Sadiq Khan as Mayor due to his open support of Jeremy Corbyn.

Surely, this small event, knowing the fear of a large majority of Jews across the U.K. (some even leaving Great Britain to live in Israel) knowing a Corbyn led PM could endanger their safety, was important to establish why Sadiq Khan still backed a Labour Campaign to have Corbyn as PM.

An example was Corbyns blasé friendship to Hamas and Hezbollah, Jeremy Corbyn had said he was present but not involved at a wreath-laying for individuals behind the group that carried out the Munich Olympic massacre, a partial admission that had led to a row with Israel’s prime minister Netanyahu and his public platforms with many distasteful people who have used Israel and Anti-Zionism as a cloak for Antisemitism.

Even the Labour Party suspended Corbyn over Antisemitism

For over twenty years, Corbyn has been a vehement critic of Israel, attending Al Quds rallies in London which have been exposed in recent years as Antisemitic and under the IHRA definition of Antisemitism,he had proved he uses and aligns himself with many who have offended the Jewish community with his rhetoric, including an attendee of a political event of having no "irony" suggesting this comment towards a British Jewish blogger.

I believe the idea behind "The Labour files" was a documentary series not to examine why Corbyn lost the election by a major landslide, but to try and smear leading Jewish activists for his downfall and to enable them to incorrectly connect Jews with well known far right political street organisations like Britain First and the defunkt EDL noting that both had no membership lists at the time of trying to link Jews to these organisations, and no evidence as such.

By accusing them of having fascist links, this would then pile on Jewish Zionists over social media, and pro-Israel non Jewish activists as the blame on Corbyns downfall.

It categorically states in the IHRA definition that this Al Jazeera made series falls under numerous points of Antisemitic discourse.

We will examine in the next blog on how Al Jazeera has used defamatory comments from other sources and why they felt the need to edit the TV documentary from their YouTube full version.

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